This homily was delivered on the fourth Novena Mass in Xavier School 2012.

And so, we have just about 7 days to go before Christmas Day. But even more immediate than that, if we are to believe the Internet, we have only 3 days to go before the end of the world as we know it. By now, you may have heard of the so-called “2012 Phenomenon” where the world is predicted to end cataclysmically on December 21, 2012–that’s this year, that’s this month, that’s three days from now! You see, December 21, 2012 happens to be the end-date of a 5,125-year-long cycle used in the ancient Mayan calendar. Even if numerous Mayan scholars have repeatedly insisted that this has nothing to do with doomsday predictions, this date from the Mayan calendar has, typical of the internet, generated both mass hysteria and all sorts of wild hypotheses of how exactly the end of the world will transpire.

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2010 December 25

How would you like to spend Christmas in a trench?  Imagine yourself a soldier fighting a war on Christmas eve.  It’s a bitter cold December night.  You and your fellow soldiers are out there in the snow, in the front lines with your enemies just a few hundred feet away.

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