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For us travellers of these occasionally dark terrains, maybe pins of light are all we need and all we can ask for. On the journey, they come as extraordinary graces in the form of ordinary people and events in our lives. But sometimes our questions and doubts can themselves serve as pins of light in the night.

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PINS OF LIGHT was launched in time for Advent 2007 through the MULTIPLY social media site. This bible blog began as a series of daily reflections on scriptural readings until Easter of 2008. Since each post posed a question to God, this initial portion of Pins of Light was called “Questions for God.” You can find these first entries under QUESTIONS.

A new series was started from March 2008 to December 2009, this time featuring weekly prayers based on the Sunday readings. The blogs from this period are found under the category PRAYERS.

After a brief interrupted comeback in September 2010, this web site with its new look resumes its bible blogs this summer of 2013. The 2013 blogs will mostly be weekly reflections on the Sunday readings, focusing on the words of Jesus. This new series is called QUOTES.

PINS OF LIGHT will continue to feature online Advent and Lenten Recollections, as well as the usual homilies.

38 thoughts on “About the Site”

  1. Pls include me in your articles reflections,homilies and other retreats as well other articles to help me on my journey to a more spiritual life.

  2. Would like to receive inspirational post and loop me in your lenten recollection online pieces. Thanks!

  3. Thankful to Sally that she shared this with me. Please add me to your mailing list. Praying that you continue to inspire…

  4. Please add me to your email list. This is my first year joining the 3 day retreat online and I learned so much and hope to use it to walk the path of holiness

  5. Dear Johnny

    Long time no see. Hope you enjoy your study in USA.

    Yes, your Pins of Light can serve as a delight moment of reading and discovery. Do keep on posting and writing.

    Wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  6. Hi. I love the pix with the candle lights and would like to use it for church event announcement. Will like to see your comments and approval for usage. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Will appreciate that a lot. – Amy Ong

  7. Please include me as a subscriber so that I will receive your Posts of reflections. I use your Reflections in my prayer to God. They are indeed Pins of Light. May God give you the grace to continue your apostolate. We ordinary people need your shepherding. God bless you

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