Reflection: Genesis OR Enuma Elish

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I am more or less Genesis and NOT very genesis… because of the pain and suffering I have been through. Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at the age of 27, I am now 42. I lost a lot of people because of my symptoms. There are even those who say that I am just making an excuse with my illness. I find it unfair because I was prayerful when I was a child and a good daughter. But God gave me this illness… I say He gave it because he is all powerful. I blame Him for what has happened to me. The upside though is I am surrounded with a supportive family pero hanggang kailan kaya ang pagtiyatiyaga nila sa akin? (@_@)

I do believe that God is all powerful and loving. And that creation and all of us are good. But the difficulties and trials, weaknesses and linitations that I experience sometimes make me devalue God’s delighting in me. I’d like to redeem this within me. I’d like to experience more God’s delighting in me and all of creation, despite of and more than the reality of experiencing the wickedness and weaknesses of being human and the vulnerabilities that goes with it. God delights and God is all powerful more than anything else. That is the grace that I want to be redeemed with by the blood and sacrifice of Jesus my Lord and Beloved.

I believe in God’s goodness, I just feel sometimes that His goodness has not overflown to hearts of men, especially those in power.

And yes, we have free will. And this I guess I need to value more by strengthening it within me in the everyday choices that I make. God gave us this free will so to exercise our valuing of the love and delighting that God has for each one of us. God grant me the grace to indeed grow in this aspect of my life.

A part of me wants to put 2 because there are still days when I do feel God’s presence & feel grateful for the graces He gives. But I decided to put 3 because I feel like there’s more “bad” days than “good”. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe because I’ve yet to have a fully grateful heart. But at times, it’s really quite tough to believe He’s just. It doesn’t feel like the “good wins” many a times. How can others thrive even if their ways are “bad”? Unfair minsan.

I answered 2 (more or less Genesis) because honestly, there are days when it is harder to believe in God’s care for us. But I still feel that God delights in us always— every time He still makes mornings for us and tucks us safe at night (until it’s time to go Home again).

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