This retreat may find us
in a season of disenchantment.

You may be tempted to discard these feelings
of disappointment or disillusionment.

But don’t!
And worry not:
It’s by no means a brand new sentiment.
Many others have felt the same way
centuries before us.

What matters this Holy Week
is not that we are going through a time of disenchantment,
but that we will pray even in disenchantment
as our biblical fathers have done before us.

So, gather all your disappointments–
all your dashed hopes and broken dreams
for yourself,
for those you love,
for your country,
for the world–
as you join the prophet Habakkuk
in saying this Prayer of Disenchantment.

You may want to play this piece of instrumental music
to set the mood and to pace yourself in saying the prayer.
We suggest you pray in silence
for the rest of the music.



Whenever you’re ready to begin your prayer,
just press PLAY below.
(Note: Do not click on the GOOGLE, but on the PLAY icon)




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music from Julian Lloyd Webber, “Oblivion”