Another Version: Mark 14:1-10

The Anointing with Oil and Tears 1979
Sadao Watanabe, 1979

There are several other versions
of this “Supper before the Last.”

Aside from the crucifixion
and resurrection,
it is one of the very few events
in the life of our Lord
reported by all four Gospels–
each version slightly different.

In all four accounts,
a woman anoints Jesus
with expensive perfume,
and this act displeases onlookers.
Only John names Judas,
while Matthew attributes the indignation to the disciples.

John identifies the woman as Mary of Bethany, 
while Luke describes the woman as one who has lived a sinful life.

Only John and Luke say that the woman wiped Jesus’ feet
with her hair–an exceptional gesture.

The account of Mark, however,
adds one seemingly minor detail to the story.

Read the passage slowly and prayerfully.

Again, imagine that you are present in the scene.
What do you see, hear, and feel?

If it helps, play this instrumental music in the background.

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