3 degrees of humility


a good way to recap saturday’s humility as some kind of checklist – even a moral life requires humility.”


1- Humility for salvation  “I would want to do nothing that would cut me from God–not even were I made head of all creation or even just to save my own life here on earth. I know that grave sin in this sense is to miss the whole meaning of being a person–one who is created and redeemed and is destined to live forever in love with God my Creator and Lord” (Fleming #165).


2- Humility for freedom “My life is firmly grounded in the fact that the reality of being a person is seen fully in Jesus Christ. . . . With this habitual attitude, I find that I can maintain a certain balance in my inclinations to have riches rather than poverty, honor rather than dishonor, or to desire a long life rather than a short life” (Fleming, #166).
3 = Humility for love   “I so much want the truth of Christ’s life to be fully the truth of my own that I find myself, moved by grace, with a love and a desire for poverty in order to be with the poor Christ; a love and a desire for insults in order to be closer to Christ in his own rejection by people; a love and a desire to be considered worthless and a fool for Christ, rather than be esteemed as wise and prudent according to the standards of the world” (Fleming #167).


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