“Is It Even OK to Ask Questions about the Faith?”

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2 replies on ““Is It Even OK to Ask Questions about the Faith?””

Fundamentalist or a Relativist? Definitely a RELATIVIST right now. My views form and change as the world continues to form and change. Am I right?

THERE YOU GO, FR. JOHNNY! I was just about to comment, What is one’s motivation or intention when asking questions? Then at 19:10 you answered it! I ask questions to further my understanding about an issue whether it be on a church doctrine or the church’s stand on an issue such as pro-choice vs pro-life or welcoming the LGBTQ to the Catholic community. Recently, I have pro-actively sought the attention of priests whose homilies do not reflect the mercy and compassion our Lord Jesus lives and teaches. So, I go to confession and there I articulate my frustration over the Catholic Church’s stand on above-mentioned issues.

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